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Functional Testing

We utilize a variety of functional testing in addition to conventional lab testing in order to identify the root cause of your medical complaints.

We work with the best labs specializing in functional medicine testing to provide the most accurate, personalized results possible.



Advanced Lipid and Diabetes Screening

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Food/Chemical Sensitivity Testing

Sample Report

Advanced Stool Analysis – checks for bacterial, yeast and parasite infections, inflammation, malabsorption

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Advanced Nutritional Assessment

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Salivary Adrenal Testing

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Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Assessment

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Heavy Metal Toxicity

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Impaired Detoxification Assessment – Genetics

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Impaired Estrogen Metabolism – Genetics

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Insurance may cover some or all of the expense of functional testing. Before doing any lab work we will counsel you on what you would be financially responsible for when it comes to testing. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Saving Account (HSA), you can use these to pay for any amounts not covered by insurance.

For more information on functional medicine testing and insurance verification for this type of testing please contact our office today by calling (770) 614-6630.



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