Jennifer Vogel, NMT, PTA

Neuromuscular Massage Therapist Physical Therapy Assistant

While on active duty in the army, Jennifer had an experience with a great physical therapist who helped her recover after several doctors couldn’t help her with persistent pain she had in her back, radiating down to her right leg.

Upon completion of her active service, she wanted to give back. She had witnessed first hand, many good soldiers turning into pill poppers due to chronic pain and knew there was more out there to help them.

She applied and was accepted to massage therapy school. Upon graduating she decided she wanted to further expand her scope of practice and treatment techniques so she continued her training and completed her training as a physical therapy assistant at Athens Tech. She also has her B.S. in alternative medicine from Everglades University.

She continues to increase her knowledge in holistic treatment modalities. Although she is not opposed to medications when needed she believes there are other holistic options that can be considered first line treatment options. Examples of specialized techniques Jennifer offers include cupping, aromatherapy, and reflexology – with primary focus in ears. She is comfortable treating anyone, and is experienced personalizing treatment for everyone including infants, pregnant women, body builders and the elderly.