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Peggy L. Driscoll, CNA

Certified Nursing Assistant
Yoga Instructor - RYT 200
Komyo Reiki Practitioner
Former Special Education Teacher

Peggy began her yoga practice in Cedarburg, Wisconsin more than 14 years ago and has been teaching for more than a decade. She is a certified 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), and is a member of Yoga Alliance. She teaches many styles and levels of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Children’s Yoga, Teen Yoga, Family Yoga, and Chair Yoga. Additionally, Peggy has taken specialized training and teaches Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis, Senior Yoga, and Yoga for Special Needs.

It is Peggy’s hope and aspiration to share the experiences and benefits of her own living yoga practice with as many people as she can. In each class, she honors and acknowledges the beauty of each student. As she teaches, she tries to help people open up to a greater joy and peace that comes from within and an ease of living within their own bodies comfortably. Each class Peggy designs, she will help people begin to connect to an authenticity deep within, finding inner creativity and flow. Her intention is to open the heart, mind, and body to all possibilities and all probabilities. She offers her students the opportunity to honor their own truth, moment to moment, linking each breath to the next through movement and awareness of the light within us all.

Her philosophy is that people of all ages, shapes, and sizes can enjoy the benefits of yoga… and the best part is that it’s never too late to start! She believes that regardless of age, size, or disability, if you can breathe, you can practice yoga. Peggy offers modifications, adjustments, and just plain love to all her students, letting them discover what they came looking to find.

Peggy’s Reiki journey began when she moved to Atlanta in 2010. She recently earned her Master Komyo Reiki Certification and has been practicing Reiki ever since. Peggy’s role in providing this ancient practice of therapeutic touch is to help people relax and de-stress as the Reiki energy brings their body to a more balanced, recuperative state. She strongly believes Reiki is one more way to improve the mind and body, and to live a healthy and peaceful daily life.

Peggy is blessed with a supportive husband, two wonderful teen-age kids, two big rescue dogs, and a sweet calico cat. If she is not spending time with her loving family, she enjoys being a CNA for Home Care Matters. Peggy’s other interests are cooking, reading, hiking/walking, music, hanging out with friends, and just enjoying the world around her. She looks forward to a lifetime of being a student and a teacher, observing the process as it unfolds. Her mantra in life is simple: breathe deep, love, relax, follow your dreams, and listen closely to your heart.

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