Benefits of Checking Your Child’s Posture

A big concern for parents as your child is going up is posture and slouching. Back problems for you child can be a big issue especially if the child is interested in sports. These issues can crop up from time to time in your child and every few years they need to have their posture and spine checked. This will ensure as they are growing that they stay in top health and do not run into ongoing problems as they mature.

As a parent, you should always be on the lookout for issues with posture and how they sit, stand, or lay. Most children do not understand that on top of building a bad habit they can be pinching a never or working toward a worse problem quickly. Make sure that they are not sitting on their legs or feet in a chair. Help them understand that sitting up straight and keeping both feet flat on the ground can help them head off issues.

When they are laying down to sleep letting them know that sleeping on their back or side is best. Having a good pillow to support the head or neck will head off issues too. We always talk to kids about brushing their teeth, but rarely take the time to talk to them about their posture during sleep.

The big reason to have their back and posture checked on a regular basis is because without periodically is to head off major problems. Bad posture can be the result from a combination of physical and environment issues. Something as simple as an overweight backpack can lead to a problem that will need to be corrected. Neck and lower back strain could lead to a long-term problem or abnormal bone growth. Also, as always, every parent needs to keep an eye out for Scoliosis, because with each of these issues early detection can help minimize the long-term effects.