Medical Weight Loss

At HMFCC we strive to support your weight loss journey with a personalized approach to encourage long lasting results.

We start with a weight loss consultation, which includes a history, physical exam and personalized lab recommendations. Based on these findings a weight loss plan will be implemented.


Through personalized lab testing we are often able to identify causes of weight gain. Common lab testing used to support weight loss is discussed below.

  • Healthy Weight DNA Insight – Healthy Weight DNA InsightTM is one of the most comprehensive weight-related genetic tests available. It offers a unique understanding of a person’s genetic propensity to specific diets, eating behaviors, nutritional needs, exercise activity and health conditions. This is important to true, long-term success in weight management
  • Food Sensitivity Testing – Food allergy and delayed sensitivity food reactions can contribute to inflammation, making it difficult to lose weight. Find out what foods you are having reactions to and personalize your eating plan to speed weight loss and improve health.
  • Hormone Testing – Achieving hormone balance is a critical component involved in healthy metabolism. We routinely evaluate and treat the following hormone imbalances:
    • Thyroid
    • Adrenal /Cortisol
    • Menopause/PMS/Sex hormone imbalance
    • Testosterone
    • Blood glucose/Insulin resistance
    • Leptin

Health Coaching

When you have your lab work done through Health Diagnostic Labs you gain access to FREE personal Clinical Health Coaches that are trained to provide personalized support with lifestyle changes. From the convenience of your home you can meet regularly by phone with qualified health professionals like registered dieticians, exercise physiologist and more.


We offer pharmaceutical grade supplements to support your weight loss goals. We can help you boost energy, speed metabolism and reduce food cravings using targeted supplement recommendations. Sign up FREE with HealthWave for access to discounted pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Injectable Nutrients

We offer several levels of injectable nutrients to assist in fat metabolization:

  • Methylated B 12
  • Methylated B12 with LipoVite
  • Super B complex with Lipovite

Hgg Diet

The HCG Diet is a diet used to target release of stored body fat. It can be recommended as an effective diet for individuals who have a large amount of body fat to shed (>50 lbs) and have not been successful with diet and exercise alone. It is also be helpful in those suffering with insulin and leptin resistance, which can be detected through lab testing.

Those using the HCG diet to lose weight follow a very low calorie diet, 500-800 calories a day, paired with daily injections of HCG. This has been found to be very effective, helping patients safely and effectively shed unhealthy pounds, up to 1 pound a day and keep their weight off. It is important that a patient interested in HCG have labs done prior to being approved for this diet to make sure this approach is appropriate for you.

To schedule a weight loss consultation with Rabia Vaughns MMS, PA-C, please contact our office today by calling (770) 614-6630.