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Dr. Glassman

Dr. Glassman is amazing! He and his staff are always so friendly and helpful! Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my back. So lucky to have a chiropractor like him!    – L.J.M.

Dr. Russell Glassman is by far the best Chiropractor in Gwinnett County. He and his assistant Jeff are so warm and welcoming- it truly feels like a family atmosphere. Dr. Glassman goes above and beyond to make chiropractic an educational experience. He is extremely knowledgeable (and funny). He is also a person who is concerned with overall health and well-being. He gives great adjustments, as well as helpful guidance on how to live a healthier life. He is truly amazing!  – P.D.

Dr. Glassman took excellent care of my granddaughter today. I was extremely pleased with his attention to detail. If you have not been to visit, you are missing out on great service.   S.S.P.

Wow!  From the initial phone call to walking out the door, my entire experience was 5 stars.  I’ve visited many chiropractors all over the United States in search of the best care.  Found It!  I’ve had Back, Shoulder, and Neck problems for years from an old Navy injury.   Other chiropractors I’ve seen were limited in the care they provided.  At HMFCC the staff is friendly and very professional.  The atmosphere is comfortable.  Dr. Glassman is very thorough and knowledgable.  Do yourself a favor and get the best care at an affordable price. –T.H.

The whole staff is very professional and knowledgeable, but at the same time very friendly. I have been to see Rabia and Dr. Glassman more than once and enjoyed each visit. I would definitely recommend this complete care facility to everyone.

– Steven L.


Rabia Vaughns

Who wants to be sick? Not this lady! I spend the last 15 years in endless specialists offices, including Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL with no improvement in my health. I sought out functional medicine doctors, internist, chiropractors, you name it I’ve seen them and more thank likely paid their children’s college tuition. Needless to say the last thing I wanted was to see another “doctor” per say. One night I was having difficulty breathing and prayed over my reluctance to see yet another “doctor” when I recalled speaking with my neighbor who happened to be into functional medicine. I thought well, Lord if this is you I need a clear sign. I am either “crazy in the head” or there is something very wrong with me physically. So, I made an appointment and off I went.. I arrived and to my surprise every single person from the front desk to the nursing staff was a breath of fresh air. Then, there was the dreaded doctor.. Rabia walks in and her demeanor is refreshing and inviting. Not one thing about her screams DOCTOR OF TYPICAL MEDICINE. She listened to me, asked pointed questions, and we exchanged ideas during my visit. It was during this time I mentioned a few things that set off her alarm bells. She then asked if I had ever been tested for Lyme Disease. I said uh, no… Not to my knowledge. Needless to say Rabia was off to the races. What came next is a plethora of blood work so we could find the root of my issues. A few days later my phones rings and it’s Rabia. She had both good and bad news.. Good news first, I am not imagining my illness. Bad news, I do have Lyme Disease which is now chronic and a host of co infections to along with it. No other doctor in 15 years did for me what Rabia was able to do in ONE office visit. Listening to a patient is key, having the foresight to dig into the unconventional is a gift. She has the gift! It goes without saying I am blessed to have had Rabia as my attending physician while in Buford, GA and I will deeply miss her knowledge, laughter, and friendship. As God had it planned all along, Rabia diagnosed me with Lyme Disease six months before we were to be relocated to another state. Timing truly is everything!

Now, if you are looking for a new Doctor, or a second opinion ~ look no further than Hamilton Mill Family Complete Care. Don’t go another day not knowing why you are sick, or how to fix it. Pick up the phone, make an appointment, it WILL change your life.. It’s changed mine for the better.

May Glad Bless Rabia and the entire staff at Hamilton Mill Family Complete Care.
Much love and appreciation,

L. Stevens Columbus, Ohio (formerly of Buford, GA)

Just had my 3rd visit with Rabia. Love working with her. The conventional medicine doctor I was seeing just kept throwing more medication at me without any other tests. He kept asking me the same questions and even had some student doctors look at me. I felt like I was talking to a wall. Rabia really listens and is trying to find the cause of my symptoms. As a result, I’m getting a better understanding of my symptoms and my body. There are 2 ladies named Nicole that deserve recognition, the receptionist who is super efficient and friendly and Rabia’s assistant who took blood without any pain to me. I hardly felt the needle. Usually I walk away with black and blue marks after giving blood.

5 stars all the way!

Hedy E.

“Rabia Vaughns is a dedicated professional with whom I have been privileged to be associated for my healthcare in the last 9 months. She walked in the examining room knowledgeable about me and my health even though I know she sees multiple patients a day.  She is efficient and at the same time personable giving me confidence in her ability to treat me.  I needed nutritional advice as well as ideas on stress reduction, supplements and the best overall self-care I could give myself. She provided all that in a way that inspired me to walk through difficult doors and address my issues in a healthy manner.  I would recommend Rabia Vaughns to anyone seeking someone who understands and listens and can provide total physical and emotional care without the usual medical patronization.” – G.B.

“I have been a patient of Rabia’s for several years and cannot say enough about how much I appreciate everything she has done to help me heal. When I first came in for treatment, I had terrible acne, was bloated and had pain all over my body and joints. I also was suffering 3-4 migraines every week. I was doing physical therapy, which was a little helpful but the pain would return a few hours after therapy. My energy was non-existent. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. To be in my early thirties, I was a bit of a wreak and I thought it was my fault for having three kids and a full time job. Up until I sought holistic treatment, doctors made me feel like a hypochondriac. After a number of holistic tests, I found out that I had severe food allergies and a bacterial overgrowth that was doing a number on my intestines. Rabia was there for me throughout my treatment and today I am almost back to the way I felt in my twenties. I feel like exercising, the pain has gone away, my acne has disappeared and to be honest, I’m happier and less depressed.  Rabia gets to the bottom of what is causing the pain and treats a patient holistically versus a band-aid approach. As I write this today, I think I had one migraine in the past month… it’s really amazing how good I feel. Thank you Rabia.”  -M.S.

“I started seeing Rabia a year ago, I came to her with a multitude of health issues, including insomnia,  extreme fatigue and hypothyroidism. When she entered the room, and began LISTENING to my concerns, I was impressed. Rabia was truly interested in my total well being, not just the problems.  She genuinely cared about me. Rabia takes a holistic approach to healthcare, not just writing prescriptions to mask symptoms, but seeking the root cause of issues and treating the issues accordingly. She is trustworthy, patient, friendly, and thorough. It is very rare to find a health care professional like Rabia. I feel 100% better, and I am grateful that Rabia is my health care provider.”  – K.B.

“Rabia is a very caring and supportive health care professional. She is very knowledgable about health and nutrition. Rabia thoroughly explained the ALCAT food sensitivity test, which changed my life!! She keeps me informed whenever she learns about something that may benefit my health. I really love this lady. She is a joy.” -K.Z.

“Rabia is amazing. I had some emotional things going on and she listened, provided great care and gave me supplements and medicine to help. She changed my whole outlook on my situation. Not only is she a great (provider) but a great friend. She puts her heart into her work, which most people don’t!! She is truly a great person and (provider)!” -K.B.

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