L. Stevens Columbus

Who wants to be sick? Not this lady! I spend the last 15 years in endless specialists offices, including Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL with no improvement in my health. I sought out functional medicine doctors, internist, chiropractors, you name it I’ve seen them and more thank likely paid their children’s college tuition. Needless to say the last thing I wanted was to see another “doctor” per say. One night I was having difficulty breathing and prayed over my reluctance to see yet another “doctor” when I recalled speaking with my neighbor who happened to be into functional medicine. I thought well, Lord if this is you I need a clear sign. I am either “crazy in the head” or there is something very wrong with me physically. So, I made an appointment and off I went.. I arrived and to my surprise every single person from the front desk to the nursing staff was a breath of fresh air. Then, there was the dreaded doctor.. Rabia walks in and her demeanor is refreshing and inviting. Not one thing about her screams DOCTOR OF TYPICAL MEDICINE. She listened to me, asked pointed questions, and we exchanged ideas during my visit. It was during this time I mentioned a few things that set off her alarm bells. She then asked if I had ever been tested for Lyme Disease. I said uh, no… Not to my knowledge. Needless to say Rabia was off to the races. What came next is a plethora of blood work so we could find the root of my issues. A few days later my phones rings and it’s Rabia. She had both good and bad news.. Good news first, I am not imagining my illness. Bad news, I do have Lyme Disease which is now chronic and a host of co infections to along with it. No other doctor in 15 years did for me what Rabia was able to do in ONE office visit. Listening to a patient is key, having the foresight to dig into the unconventional is a gift. She has the gift! It goes without saying I am blessed to have had Rabia as my attending physician while in Buford, GA and I will deeply miss her knowledge, laughter, and friendship. As God had it planned all along, Rabia diagnosed me with Lyme Disease six months before we were to be relocated to another state. Timing truly is everything!

Now, if you are looking for a new Doctor, or a second opinion ~ look no further than Hamilton Mill Family Complete Care. Don’t go another day not knowing why you are sick, or how to fix it. Pick up the phone, make an appointment, it WILL change your life.. It’s changed mine for the better.

May Glad Bless Rabia and the entire staff at Hamilton Mill Family Complete Care.
Much love and appreciation,

L. Stevens Columbus, Ohio (formerly of Buford, GA)