How Spinal or Hip Alignment Affects Your Everyday Life

If you are suffering from spine or hip misalignment it can cause any number of issues limiting your day-to-day activities.


Problems with spine or hip alignment can cause anything from loss of range of motion to debilitating pain. While some of the symptoms of poor alignment might only be noticed by a doctor (for instance if you’ve lost some of your range of motion, you might not even realize it) if left untreated, this can worsen and reduce daily activities.

Further issues could be a sore or stiff neck – again reducing the range of motion in your neck.

Some patients complain of being tired or feeling a general lack of energy. If poor spinal alignment is reducing your ability to exercise, lack of energy can continue to be a problem. Poor spinal or hip alignment could also be affecting your ability to sleep at night.

Some patients also complain of numbness or tingling feelings that come from spinal or hip misalignment.

In addition to discomfort in the back or hips, spinal misalignment can also be causing joint pain or headaches.

Hip misalignment could cause difficulty in walking or driving long distances, and for many people, these issues could create problems with employment.

All of these symptoms of spine or hip misalignment can limit daily activities and lessen the quality of life for the individuals suffering from issues related to spinal or hip alignment.


But of course, the reverse is also true. For those who suffer from these issues but take the steps to correct spinal and hip alignment, the quality of life can greatly improve.

Imagine if spinal or hip pain was not causing you to lose sleep or reduce your ability to be mobile. Being able to get regular sleep, regular exercise, and work and play without pain would dramatically improve your life.