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What Are Spinal Adjustments And Can They Help?

June 13, 2017

Are you experiencing nagging back pain? Headaches? Pain in your legs or hips? Consistent discomfort does not have to be your constant companion. A spinal adjustment from a qualified chiropractor […]

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How to Create an Ergonomic Workspace

Many of us have been told about the dangers of prolonged sitting. But for those who have an office job, sitting makes up the majority of the work day. Even […]

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How to Have Good Posture

You probably hear fairly often that posture is one of the key components to great health. When we see bad posture, we know that it’s a result of poor habits […]

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Pill-Free Pain Management

While medication plays a significant role in pain management, there are alternative options to habitually reaching for the pill bottle. In an age where over medicating is a very real […]

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Scoliosis Checks and Their Importance

Scoliosis is a treatable condition which causes the spine to curve toward the side in an “S” or “C” shape. Most of the time, the cause of scoliosis is unknown, […]

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Spinal Decompression Explained

Spinal decompression is a surgery-free method of treating sciatica and chronic lower back pain. It involves the use of a table-like device as well as various straps and harnesses to […]

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Benefits of Checking Your Child’s Posture

A big concern for parents as your child is going up is posture and slouching. Back problems for you child can be a big issue especially if the child is […]

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Spinal Headaches and How to Deal With Them

Spinal headaches sometimes occur as a result of a complication during a spinal tap or epidural. These procedures require that a needle punctures the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the spinal cord. […]

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